Have you been looking for a reliable online platform to play games? For the last couple of years, Roblox has proved to be one of the best imagination platforms where fans can play different types of games socially. The imagination platform which was commenced by Roblox Corporation in 2006 allows its users to develop and play numerous games. Many who have used it in the past have described it as a site created for gamers and by gamers.


In this site, users are encouraged to make friends with other online friends. It allows you to chat and socializes in many ways. The platform boast of hosting a huge collection of games. You have the full freedom to track which games you are playing and thereafter collect badges. If you have played Minecraft, then you know what am talking about.

In addition, players are allowed to create their own games and have them played by real people. From there, it lists the preferred games whether they were created by the developer or the users. Therefore the site can be used in a fun way to build and explore numerous online games. In Roblox, the primary currency is Robux. You get Robux after doing various tasks and several achievements in the game.

Nowadays, the rush of getting numerous Robux is becoming necessary to the majority of players. If you want to explore everything in this game, then you will be tempted to search for free Robux generator. However, if you have tried it you can attest that it is not that easy. Do you know that if you have an insufficient supply of Robux you will hardly survive in this platform?

Robux generator

Are you tired of unreliable tricks? Here are some ways on how you can get free Robux.

1. Trading on Collectibles

If you prefer being a premium member in the builders club that’s not justified at all. You can use this chance for other purposes as well. Builders club is famous for its trade. With that in mind, you can trade objects in exchange for free Robux. Since all the members are entitled to sell and purchase collectables in this market, this is truly a great place to get extra free Robux.

2. Selling crafts

In this platform, your creativity is more relevant. There is so much to sell besides pants and hats. You can sell buildings and earn lots of Robux if you have admirable design skills. Also, people can hire you to create something in exchange of free Robux. The plaza is a true marketplace to start trading. Although the place was created for recruiting groups, people sell their creations here.

3. Through Google play codes

I am sure you know about Google play codes and cards. Google Play store is the store for Android users. There are tons of apps in the store but this is not our concern for now. Arguably the most popular method to get free Robux is using Google play codes.